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True Point (UK) Ltd's jewel bearings are made of synthetic sapphire and ruby.  They are precision miniature components for use in low torque instruments and control devices where their low friction, non-magnetic properties and long life expectancy are important features.

More recently, the optical properties of synthetic sapphire and ruby has been appreciated, resulting in their use in optical equipment. 

The type of jewel to be used should be determined by its operating conditions, type of pivot and the environmental factors, all of which are relevant to how the the moving element is suspended in the system.

Most jewel bearings are supplied in a housing or screw.  Consideration should be given to the material required for the housing or screw. Brass or Nickel-Silver is generally specified for meter screws and instrument jewel bearing assemblies, other materials are available to meet a wide range of requirements. Under special circumstances, where adverse environmental conditions are prevalent it may be advisable to use a housing  material other than brass i.e.  Stainless Steel or Monel etc.   

Synthetic sapphire has excellent properties and is used in industrial processes and applications where hardness, a minimum of wear, corrosion resistance, a small coefficient of friction as well as optical and insulating properties of the material is required.

It should also be noted that synthetic sapphire is resistant to most acids and alkalis, including H2SO4, HCL, NaOH.

It also has an excellent transmission of light in the wavelength reach of 5m to 3500.


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